Staying active is one of the best things elderly residents can do to live a strong and healthy life. Our physiotherapists at 1 Primary Care Services will assess mobility needs, assess home or aged care residence for any risks and implement exercises to maintain health, strength, mobility and balance. Our physiotherapists will come up with a self-exercise program so your facility residents can do exercises safely throughout the day by themselves. By doing regular exercises, they’ll be able to maintain their independence for longer and comfortably manoeuvre around, whether it’s in the community or at the aged care facility without the fear of falling.

Our physiotherapists also specialise in chronic management pain through soft tissue therapeutic massages. We understand that as we get older, small painful niggles will start to become more and more obvious. We will spend quality time assessing any painful regions and treat through modalities like soft tissue massage, exercise, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines, etc. In doing this we can reduce the pain and increase the comfort of your residents at the aged care facility or group home.

Along with this we conduct group exercise classes for your residents and manual handling training for staff.