Good nutrition plays an integral role in maintaining a healthy life style, and preventing disease progression. Knowing what food to eat at the right time is an essential key to well-being and management of your condition. At 1 Primary Care Services, we have professionally trained and trusted dieticians who are willing to help you with your nutrition to improve your quality of life and independence. They will create a personalised meal plan with scheduled time of eating, tailored to your condition and goals.

Our Dieticians will:

  • Understand your goals and assess for any ways in how nutrition can help
  • Create customised diet plan with macronutrient calculation to ensure adequate and optimal nutrients are being consumed
  • Education on what food to eat and what not to
  • Assistance with healthy meal prepping and provide information about the benefits of the meal plan.

At 1 Primary Care our Dieticians are up to date with the latest research through continual learning and self-development. Through consuming the optimal nutrients, you will have more energy to do the things you love without tiring out. Our Dieticians will work closely with speech pathologists and the rest of the allied health team to provide the best solution to achieve your goals.