Occupational therapists play a major role in the hospital system, ensuring that patients, when discharged from the hospital, are in a safe environment. They are specialists in knowing which aid or equipment or home modification patients need so that they will be able to live safely and as independent as possible.

Examples of this include

  • Rails at home or toilet
  • Ramp Access
  • Toilet modifications like commodes etc.
  • Wheelchair modifications
  • Vehicle modifications

Occupational therapists also specialise in upper limb function. They work a lot on improving dexterity, coordination and upper limb strength.

The occupational therapists will work for hand in hand with the physiotherapists to ensure the best available care is being given. Our friendly team of occupational therapists from 1 Primary Care Services will support your patients at the hospital on their journey of achieving their goals and ensuring they are independent and safe in the home setting.