Here at 1 Primary care services along with providing services to improve mobility, we also have access to personal mobility equipment that assists you. Together with personal mobility equipment and on-going therapy, best outcomes will be achieved. Specialised therapists at 1 Primary Care Services like occupational therapists, physiotherapists or exercise physiologists, will assess you and recommend which mobility equipment will be optimal for your impairments. This can include:

  • Gait aids: (4 wheel walker, crutches, 2 wheeled rollators, pick up frame etc.)
  • Wheel chairs
  • Strollers
  • Scooters

At 1 Primary Care service we provide customised seating systems and adjustments for sitting mobility equipment like wheel chairs/scooters that are tailored to you. This involves postural support to maintain good sitting position and attachments to support head, limb and back in patients with high muscle tone or paralysis. We also offer assistive devices to carers and family members to help those with extreme functional impairment in transferring and mobilising. Equipment to tailor for severely limited participants include:

  • Hoist and sling transfer equipment
  • Pat slides
  • Arjo stand up lifters

Our specialised therapists and allied health team will take time to teach guardians, carers and family members to use personal mobility equipment in a safe manner at all times when transferring and mobilising. 1 Primary Care Services also have systems in place to accommodate for renting of these products.