Personal Care Equipment

Personal Care and safety is an integral component in an individual’s life. Having a disability unfortunately can have a negative impact on one’s safety and ability for personal care like showering, dressing, toileting etc. To address these issues 1 Primary Care Services have access to personal care and safety assistive devices, equipment and technology. This will support participants to live independently without the need of always seeking assistance or assist a carer to support the participant. These assistive devices and equipment include

  • Accessories and product to assist with personal care and safety during showering, toileting, dressing etc.
  • Bed rails and rail covers to maintain safety in bed without falling off
  • Over bed tables to keep objects in a safe and close proximity, without having the need to reach over
  • Positioning supports and surfaces to allow participants to maintain an optimal and safe position in bed or whilst sitting
  • Pressure care mattress with pressure reduction properties to prevent pressure sores
  • Specialised house hold furniture like modified chairs with mechanical or electrical adaptations to help participants sit and stand optimally
  • Customised seating for lounges and furniture, accommodating for any risk of pressure sores and to ensure optimal sitting position
  • Bathroom and toilet equipment, which includes shower commodes, over-toilet commodes, shower chairs, adjustable shower/toilet seats with postural support. Shower rails and hand rails can also be fitted to ensure safety whilst showering and toileting
  • Adjustable shower trolley and change tables.
  • Personal alarm systems including participant activated alarm system that uses phones, vibratory alarms, visual alerts etc.

Along with having access to these essential products for personal care and safety, 1 Primary Care Services will also take responsibility in ensuring the products are delivered, unwrapped, fitted and positioned in your house as you desire. 1 Primary Care Services also have systems in place to accommodate for renting of these products.