We understand that your hobbies and the things you love to do can be limited because of your physical impairments such as lack of strength, balance, and flexibility.

Physiotherapists are trained professionals that are able to tell if you have a limitation in strength, balance or flexibility, and look at it from a bigger picture to see if your movement is not optimal. They can provide strategies to meet your needs and maximise your capacity to happily and comfortably engage in the community. Such strategies include:

  • Exercises to improve coordination, strength, flexibility
  • Advice and education on movement techniques to increase efficiency
  • Prescription of mobility aids such as walkers or wheel chairs that can make your life easier.
  • Hydrotherapy- using heated water to accommodate rehabilitation and relaxation.

The physiotherapists at Primary Care services will not only work with the patient, but will also work with family members, carers or guardians. They will give advice on how to safely assist the patient, answer any questions they may have, explain to them clearly about goals and what we are trying to achieve. They will also teach them exercises to ensure the patient is doing exercises outside of therapy time.