Support Coordinator/ Plan Management

Once getting your NDIS package, knowing what to do and how to use your funding can be overwhelming and can delay you from accessing your services. At Primary Care services we understand this and we are always here to help you and ensure you thoroughly understand what is happening. Our support coordinators will be there with you from the beginning and will sit down to understand your goals, needs, what you love and your journey. After understanding a clear picture of you and what you need our support workers will look into what services will be needed to get the best outcome. Before doing the formalities of allocating these services, they will ensure you and your family/carer understand everything and are satisfied with the plan.

At Primary Care services we go that extra mile to show how to work with your funding and services by yourself. Even though our support coordinators are always there, our vision is to make you independent and satisfied, where you are in control of your needs to achieve your goals.