Here at Primary Care Services our support workers will be more than just a worker, but rather your best friend. Our support workers are compassionate, genuine and most importantly passionate to making a difference in your life. They help with a variety of services and just to name a few,

  • Can help you with preparing meals
  • Taking you out to fun and enjoyable activities like the movies, beach, park, bowling and a whole lot more of fun activities.
  • Take you out into the community so you can enjoy doing what you love like going to the library or shopping or to your local café.

Our support workers genuinely care about you. They are willing to listen to you and find out what you love doing and will assist you to their best in helping you get there. The Support workers from Primary care are different in that more than assisting with you activities, they also help you with personal development. They will motivate you, reassure you, help you build confidence refine your existing skills and make you believe in yourself, so you can become the best version of you.